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Initiative for green and sustainable solutions

A cleaner and healthier environment and responsible use of our resources is a common goal of societies around the world.

At PSS, we are committed to the 12 principles of green chemistry and are working on implementing them sustainably for our products and concepts.

These principles include the avoidance/reduction of waste, the use of safe processes and less hazardous chemicals, and the use of (degradable) reagents or components made from renewable raw materials.

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Concepts and Ideas



PSS was the first company to produce reference materials already pre-weighed into autosampler vials. Today our ReadyCal family comprises organic and aqueous reference materials and is one of the most popular products with PSS and our clients.

Major advantages for the environment - less waste

  • only the vials and just one pipette/pipette tip to add solvent are required.
    NO separate containers required to weigh in, NO additional pipette tips to transfer into the final autosampler vial, NO need to weigh in larger amounts of the reference materials to ensure precision
  • no need to buy larger amounts of reference materials at one time, which might not be consumed in time. The packaging allows making full use of the product within its shelf life.


WinGPC Overlaid Injection and End Actions

PSS invented the overlaid injection software feature. WinGPC MultiWorkstation and Client/Server save 30% of mobile phase with every injection without sacrificing the resolution. This concept is applicable for all types of columns (analytical, micro, preparative) independent of manufacturer. 

Instrument end actions, executed conveniently at the end of a sequences, save solvent, reduce waste and energy consumption. The design of the ChromPilot Sequence Manager makes resource-saving easy and convenient by following lab workflows.

Major advantages for the environment - less waste

µ columns with smaller dimensions

In addition to the traditional 8x300 mm analytical columns many PSS columns are available as shorter µ columns with reduced inner diameter (such as 4.6x250mm). To ensure comparable resolution to data obtained from standard dimension analytical columns, smaller particles have been designed. 

Major advantages for the environment - less eluent required, less waste produced

Integrated Instrument Solutions and Upgrades

Integrated valves, conveniently implemented in software workflows, save mobile phase and reduce waste. Upgrade paths for existing PSS instrumentation expand the life time and use of hardware.

To reduce the number of idle instruments at customer site specific upgrade concepts from isocratic pump to gradient pump, from analytical RI to a µ-column capable µRI or from a multi wavelength UV to a diode array detector have been developed by PSS. PSS SLD7000 customers can upgrade to the latest edition of PSS SLD7100.

Major advantages for the environment - less waste produced, longer product lifetime

Online Trainings

We have trained thousands of scientists all over the world in both the theoretical and practical aspects of macromolecule separation. The PSS online trainings combine the advantages of the PSS Classroom style trainings with the advantages of an environmental friendly solution. In contrast to learning videos these online courses are conducted live by separation experts. Thus attendees can ask questions during the presentation and interactively influence the content depth and speed of the presentation. Information exchange, also between the participants, is possible and encouraged. Thus all the advantages of a face-to-face training are available - without the need to travel.

Major advantages for the environment - no travel required, less greenhouse gases



Shipping Boxes

For all shipments and whenever possible PSS re-uses card board boxes and ships items in bulk.


Documentation, Brochures and Marketing Material

Less is better - we just add what is required and do not send undesired product flyers and advertisements with the shipments.
We believe that our website and shop solutions allow finding all additional information whenever needed and that our close connection to our customers will result in them asking, whenever this should not be sufficient. 

Reference materials CoAs and Columns CoAs can be downloaded by our customers. The printed documentation we do send comprises all the information for safe operation - in case more information is needed extensive pdf documentation is at hand. 

The PSS company magazines and brochures are used in electronic format whenever possible, for printed materials PSS voluntarily pays CO2 compensation fees. 



Column Boxes

PSS uses polypropylene (pp) boxes for shipment which can be easily used for column long-term storage. One box can hold up to 3 analytical columns and 2 precolumns, to be able to ship as many items as possible in one box. PP is suited for recycling (code 5, please verify with your local recycling system); thermal utilization is also possible.

End of product life

Column Refill Service

For more than 20 years now PSS offers a column refill service for clients in selected countries. Comparable to a bottle recycling system PSS collects, cleans and re-uses column hardware. To make this process as easy as possible for our clients we deliver the new column first. Then, after successful installation, the client can send the old column back to PSS, where it is refurbished. This approach helps to protect the environment and to save precious resources.

Column Repair

Repairs are more sustainable than buying a replacement product. PSS offers also support, services and replacement/spare parts for columns. In the case of a pressure increase caused by blocked frits solutions are at hand: please refer to our Column Full User Guide for part numbers and a description of the procedure.

Instrument Upgrade Options

To reduce the number of idle instruments at customer site specific upgrade concepts have been developed by PSS. Instrument exchange programs avoid that our products end up in landfill.
PSS recommissioning services are available for many different instruments. The PSS data acquisition hardware allows to integrate virtually any device with an analogue output. Please contact us to learn more about these options.


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