Column Selection App updated

Columns are the heart of any GPC/SEC system -  however, it is a challenge to find the perfectly matching column from the wide range of options.

The PSS Column Selection App helps to make the right choice and is an important tool for GPC/SEC/GFC users who have to deal with method development. 

The recent update added:

  • the new PSS Columns and Column Combinations
  • new applications
  • new recommendations for column replacements

The Column Selector supports the following languages: Chinese (simple and traditional), English, German, French, Korean, Russian and Spanish.


What is the PSS Column Selection App?

The PSS Column Selection app can be accessed at
It offers the following choices:

  • Replace Existing Columns:
    Here users can find the nearest equivalent PSS column to replace one or several columns simultaneously.
    As an additional service, the app also tests whether a combination of several columns is possible without the danger of pore size mismatch.
  • Columns Recommendation:
    Based on the mobile phase the app recommends columns or column banks for a selectable molecular weight range.
  • USP Methods/EP Methods:
    Based on the particular method the right material and/or the matching PSS column is recommended according to the specified USP or EP method.
  • Application Search:
    Here users can search for an application. Besides the column recommendation mobile phase and calibration recommendations are also given.




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