New: Protein ReadyCal Kit

The latest addition to the PSS ReadyCal family are our Protein standards.

The calibration of a GPC/SEC column is a time-consuming process as it requires the accurate weighing of a larger number of different molar mass reference materials for every single calibration.

PSS ReadyCals allow for the rapid preparation of reproducible calibration curves without the inconvenience of individually weighing the standards. Just add solvent directly to the ReadyCal autosampler vials filled with a pre-weighed mixture of high quality reference materials with precise concentrations and molar masses.


New in the PSS ReadyCal family is the Protein ReadyCal Kit:

  • Reference Material: 10 different proteins
  • Application: Calibration of aqueous GPC/SEC systems, concentrations optimzed for UV detection @280nm
  • 1 Set = 3 x 5 Vials-1.5ml for 5 calibrations, Mp 243 – 670 000 Da (10 standards)


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