Is WinGPC right for you?

White Paper with Case Studies for WinGPC installations in different lab environments. Learn more about the most important features for convenient operation.

Its unique suitability for the task has made PSS WinGPC the premium software choice for macromolecular R&D and QC since its first release for Windows in 1992.

However, the requirements for modern software solutions are much more than offering the right functions and features. Intelligent workflow support, compliance and security requirements, scalability and integration of existing lab infrastructure play a major role when it comes to the decision which software package should be implemented.

This White Paper encompasses several examples of WinGPC installations in different environments globally and outlines the most beneficial WinGPC features for these environments.


  • Quality Control Pharmaceutical Lab
  • Quality Control Chemical Production
  • R&D Center Medium Sized Company
  • Analytical Lab Small Company
  • Internal Service Lab International Chemical Company
  • University


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