RapidControl.Net (RC.Net) instrument drivers are an emerging open industry standard for instrument control across multiple data systems. They allow users a greater freedom in instrument choice, regardless of which Chromatography Data System (CDS) is used.

(Bio)SECcurity² instruments and components control is based on the RC.Net driver approach allowing control from not only from PSS WinGPC MCDS but also from any other CDS that supports RC.Net.

(Bio)SECcurity² instrument drivers are available for the following software packages:

  • ABI/SCIEX: Analyst
  • Agilent: ChemStation, EZChrom, MassHunter, OpenLab
  • Bruker: Compass/Hystar
  • DataApex: Clarity
  • Leco: Chroma
  • PSS: WinGPC
  • Shimdazu: LabSolution
  • Thermo/Dionex: Chromeleon
  • Waters: Empower

All (Bio)SECcurity² systems and components can be controlled using the optional WinGPC UniChrom ChromPilot. The connection between WinGPC and (Bio)SECcurity² is established via network/LAN.

The WinGPC ChromPilot fully supports also mixed configurations with components/systems from other vendors, if a driver is available.

The ChromPilot can control up to 4 complete systems for independent time bases per software license via the existing communication ports.

The (Bio)SECcurity² controller gives you complete control, system monitoring, signal plotting and diagnostic capabilities for a virtually unlimited number of LC system modules without the need of a PC. Complete local control and monitoring of an entire system, or a single module are available from a single point. Transfer and archiving of methods, sequences and logbooks via standard USB memory sticks. GLP - System logbook and module log-books record errors, unusual events and maintenance activities for GLP traceability.


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