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True Solutions for GPC/SEC/GFC, Inverse SEC, IPC and 2D

How do we ensure that our software packages

WinGPC UniChrom MCDS
Compliant Software for GPC/SEC, IPC, 2D

Software for Inverse SEC to determine pore sizes

reduce work load, enhance productivity, use the latest features and offer proper and correct functionality?

By enabling the most skilled scientists to work in a closely cooperating, dedicated team with short and direct communication:

  • Specifications and workflow development by Chromatographers
  • Reliable and modern Design by Software Engineers
  • Invaluable input by Analysts working in a large contract analysis lab (like the PSS labs)

And above all:

  • Powerful Customer Input Management with your requirements - reportet either directly to us or identified by our experienced support team - implented and making the difference.

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WinGPC Client/Server

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PoroCheck Inverse SEC

Characterization or Porous Materials with standard LC Equipment. Discover more...

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What does MCDS mean? Is WinGPC Compliant? How do users rate WinGPC? Learn more in this video.

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