Software for Characterization or Porous Materials by Inverse SEC - PoroCheck

Measure Pore Size Distributions with standard LC Equipment

Information-rich and easy-to-use

  • avoid toxic chemicals
  • use existing equipment
  • surface and volume based pore size distribution (PSD)
  • wide pore size range (5 > 6.000 Å)
  • unversal applicable for catalysts, ceramics, adsorbents or chromatography media
  • easy to learn and run

PoroCheck Key Features



PoroCheck is a cost effective and easy-to-use software because it utilizes existing lab equipment to investigate porous materials. No additional training cost are necessary, no additional instrument maintenance or spare parts are needed. It also allows to investigate samples on an occasional basis because of its immediate return on investment. Operating cost are minimal, no toxic compounds (like Hg) or expensive liquified gases (like N2,Kr) are needed.

PoroCheck uses a determined porous structures in their native state and not in high vacuum or under extreme pressures. It allows to investigate all types of porous structures: rigid, swollen, adsorbed, partially filled, etc. The PoroCheck method takes the dynamics of pore access into consideration even down to a molecular level. Therefore only pores are investigated which are truly accessible; bottleneck pores or pore without external access are not screened.

The dynamic range of pore sizes that can be investigated is huge, spanning from about 5 Å to over 6 000 Å in a single experiment. Results are obtained fast and reliably and can be expressed in many ways.

The software runs on any Windows operating system and makes pasting results into own reports really easy (using the Windows clipboard intelligently). Both graphical and numerical results and data tables can be copied to any Windows application.



PSS PoroCheck retrieves many results from the detailed analysis of the pore size distribution (PSD). PoroCheck also estimates the potential errors based on an in-depth statistical analysis of the experimental raw data. It is the only pore analysis software which has this capability. Results are presented as numerical values and as graphs.

Pore size results

  • complete pore size distribution (surface and volume based)
  • average pore diameter
  • width of the pore size distribution
  • reduced PSD width
  • optimum molecular size range

Pore volume/surface results

  • pore volume
  • specific surface area

Molecular Parameters

  • optimum guest molecule size
  • optimum guest molecule molar mass
  • highest guest molecule selectivity
  • optimum molar mass range


PoroCheck Applications

  • chromatography media
  • drug delivery systems
  • ion-exchange resins
  • catalysts and catalyst supports
  • ceramics
  • nano-materials
  • molecular recognition
  • adsorbents
  • solid-state synthesis supports (Merrifield etc)
  • high-throughput screening carriers
  • bio-reactors



Criteria PSS POROCheck™ N2 Adsorption Hg Intrusion
Time requirement 1 to 4 hours 1 day >2 hours
Sample preparation low to medium medium low
Training time low medium medium
Investment cost low high medium
Maintenance cost low high medium
startup and operation cost low high medium
Analysis of open pores all pores (in vacuum) all open pores (high pressure)
Type of experiment dynamic static static
Pore types open, accessible open and closed open incl. bottlenecks
Pore size range 5 to > 6 000 Å 4 to 400 Å 35 to 3 000 000 Å

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

PoroCheck software for pore size analysis P/N 400-9001
PoroCheck software and pullulan standards kit P/N 400-9005
PoroCheck software and poly(styrene) standards kit P/N 400-9002
PoroCheck starter kit aqueous (PoroCheck, column, Pullulan standards) P/N 400-9004
PoroCheck starter kit organic (PoroCheck, column, PS standards) P/N 400-9003

Learn More


Learn more about investigating porous materials and pore size distributions in a webcast.

PoroCheck Applications

Catalyst Supports, Blood Adsorber Cartridges, Nano Tubes and more. Request your free pdf.


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PoroCheck Brochure

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
  • Licensing

What exactly do I need to use PoroCheck Software for pore size analysis?
Just three things: PSS PoroCheck software, HPLC instrument, size or molar mass standard. The retention of the standards are copied from the LC system to the PoroCheck software for data analysis. Any type of porous material (even coarsely grinded) which can be packed into any column. Either use your own or order the complete PSS Pore Size Analysis Kit.

I am new to pore size investigations. How do I start?
If you are new to the field, purchase the PSS PoroCheck starter kits (available for organic or aqueous solutions). It contains the software, the reference standards, a column which will hold the porous material and a starter booklet introducing the method and a step-by-step guide to obtain results without head-aches.

Which types of samples can I investigate with PSS PoroCheck?
Any type of porous material. It will be more difficult to pack porous fibers, plane membranes etc into a column for chromatographic investigation, but it can be done. Membrane investigations can also be done (and sometimes better) by filtration SEC studies. One of the important advantages of chromatographic porosimetry is that it will not impose any forces (vacuum, high pressure) on the samples. Even fragile materials and soft matter can be investigated, which is not possible by any other method without structural damage.

I have the PoroCheck trial software. How can I upgrade?
Very simple. Just send in a purchase order (by mail, fax, e-mail) and we will deliver the complete package by mail, fax or e-mail. E-mail delivery is instantaneous after credit card check.

How can I update older versions of PoroCheck?
Software updates are free within 12 months after initial purchase. Users will be informed automatically about a newer version. After 12 month, inexpensive update offers are available from PSS to ensure users use the best system for their investigations.

PoroCheck is very important for our work. Can we obtain a multi-user version?
Multi-user versions for departments and institutes are available at very reasonable prices. Please ask for a quotation, mentioning the maximum number of users in your department or institute.

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