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Manage Instruments and Resources - WinGPC Client/Server

Highest flexibility, availability and simplified administration

Your solution to manage all GPC/SEC, IPC and 2D systems within the department or even company wide via network. Authorized users may reserve the requested instruments before starting tests. While the data acquisition is activated, the run can be controlled, modified, or processed from every network client. The built-in access control guarantees measurements free of interference from other users.

WinGPC Client/Server installations

  • improve compliance
  • enhance productivity
  • reduce costs and administration requirements
  • simplify software maintenance (updates/upgrades)
  • do not require client installation
  • can access local or remote instruments
  • have highest data and IT security
  • ensure optimized resource usage and management
  • run on any local or remote client (PC, tablet, terminal)

WinGPC Key Features

Supported Techniques

  • Conventional GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography), SEC (Size Exclusion Chromatography), GFC (Gel Filtration Chromatography)
  • GPC/SEC/GFC-Light Scattering Detection (static, dynamic) (1-angle, multi angle)
  • GPC/SEC/GFC-Viscometry
  • GPC/SEC/GFC-Triple Detection
  • GPC/SEC/GFC-FTIR hyphenation
  • GPC/SEC/GFC-Mass Spectrometry hyphenation
  • GPC/SEC/GFC Dual Detection

  • HPLC Quantification
  • CE Quantification
  • SFC Quantification
  • HDC (Hydrodynamic Chromatography)
  • Interaction Polymer Chromatography (IPC)
    • Isocratic/Gradient Chromatography
    • Chromatography under Critical Conditions
    • Chromatography under Limiting Conditions
  • SEC-Gradient
  • Temperature Gradient Interaction Chromatography (TGIC)
  • Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation (TREF)

  • 2D-Chromatography (HPLC/IPC, GPC/SEC/GFC, TGIC/TREF, IC, CE, GC, FFF)
    • Heart-Cutting 2D
    • Multiple Heart-Cutting 2D
    • Automated fraction collection/re-injection 2D
    • Comprenhensive online 2D
    • Offline 2D

Calibration Options

  • Narrow standard calibration
  • Broad standard calibration (sevaral including broad on narrow)
  • Integral/Cumulative match calibration
  • Universal calibration (GPC/SEC/GFC-Viscometry) (requires Viscometry module)
  • Light scattering calibration (GPC/SEC/GFC-LS) (requires LS or MALLS module)
  • Universal calibration using Mark-Houwink coefficients
  • Detector calibration for concentration determination/HPLC Quantification
  • Radii calibration
  • Heparin End Group calibration (requires Heparin/End group module)
  • Dextran EP/USP calibration
  • Mass Spectrometry calibration (requires Mass Spectrometry module)
  • Chemical Heterogeneity (based on composition standards, requires Chemical Heterogeneity module)
  • Copolymer Composition (based on dual detection, requires Copolymer module)

3rd Party Control

3rd Party Control Driver Based

Manufacturer Component PSS Driver P/N
Agilent Technologies Infinity II/I, 1290/1260/1200/1100, 1220/1120, MDS (all modules) 400-1081
ERC/Idex Health & Science Refractomax RI series 400-1084
PL/Varian GPC50 series, 390 detectors, ELS detectors 400-1081
Sedere LT-ELSD series 400-1092
Shimadzu Corporation Nexera, Prominence, LC20, LC10, i-Series, LC40 400-1083
Showa Denko Shodex RI 500/200/100 series 400-1084
Thermo Fisher Scientific (Dionex) UPLC Focused, UltiMate 3000 (Nano, Standard, Basic, semi-preparative) 400-1082
Tosoh Bioscience EcoSEC 400-1086
Vici/Valco EMHA/EMHCA/EMHCO valves 400-1088
Waters Corporation Alliance, Acquity APC 400-1085 400-1091
PSS (Bio)SECcurity, (Bio)SECcurity², SLD7x00, DVD1260, SLD2020, SLD9000, HDC included

Software Modules

Multi instrument control Adds additional time bases to WinGPC. One WinGPC License can acquire data from up to four instruments.
Compliance Pack Enables to meet the requirements for GAMP, GxP, ICH, and FDA 21 CFR part 11.
3D Spectra Adds omprehensive analysis and presentation of 3D-data fields for PDA/DAD or Fluorescence detectors.
Light scattering modules 2 separate Modules for Single Angle (RALS/RALLS, LALS/LALLS) and Multi Angle (MALS/MALLS) Light Scattering. Both modules include static and dynamic light scattering.
Viscosity Adds universal calibration option, viscosity results and Mark-Houwink Plots. Includes Triple detection option when a light scattering module is present.
Heparin/End group Adds determination of the functionality distribution and end-group-based calibration e.g. for LMWH (low molecular weight heparin based on EP).
Copolymer Analysis Adds determination of the comonomer distribution and copolymer calibration based on composition.
Chemical Heterogeneity Adds determination of the average chemical composition, skew and width of the compositional distribution as well as calibration based on composition standards.
2D Chromatography Combines the separation power of two different chromatographic methods (dimensions), supports offline, heart-cut and comprehensive online 2D. Allows for calibration of both dimensions to measure e.g. chemical composition and molar mass distribution simultaneously.
Mass Spectrometry Adds data import of masss spectrometry files from ChemStation, MassHunter, Xcalibur and MassLynx with automatic assignement of degree of charge, degree of polymerization and the molar mass of the end group. Allows to create MS based calibration curves to determine true molar masses.

Universal Data Acquisition Hardware

3rd Party Data Acquisition with the reliable data interfaces PSS UDC810

Reporting and Data/Result Export

Present results using standard or customized layouts and export data and results. 

Compliance and Data Integrity

Validated software and traceable results in an easy-to-use software.

Data Evaluation and Modules

Discover WinGPC's unique features and software modules

Mass and Structure Modules

Measure absolute molar masses and determine structures

Copolymer Analysis Modules

In depth Copolymer Analysis using WinGPC's powerful modules

Connection to Chromeleon Data Vault

Connect to the Chromeleon Data Vault and evaluate in WinGPC

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What does MCDS mean? Is WinGPC Compliant? How do users rate WinGPC? Learn more in this video.

WinGPC Case Studies

Case study with typical WinGPC installations. What are the most useful features? Request your free pdf.


Demo at Your Desk

Talk to one of our experts and discover more! Contat us to arrange a WinGPC Live Demo.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our FAQs to find out more.

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  • Features
  • Data Integrity
  • Updates/Upgrades
  • Services

With which instruments can I use WinGPC?
Data capture can be accomplished with almost every analysis instrument from any vendor. The only prerequisite is the presence of analog signal outputs at each device.

For various instruments it is also possible to control them. Besides the PSS instruments the following manufacturers and models are supported:

  • Agilent LC 1100/1120/1200/1220/1260/1290
  • Thermo/Dionex UHPLC+, UltiMate
  • Shimadzu Nexera, LC-2010/20A/10A/8A LC
  • Shodex RI10x/20x
  • Tosoh EcoSEC
  • Waters

Do I need to have access to the internet to run WinGPC?
No, after installation WinGPC comprises all functions to acquire and analyse data. The WinGPC database has been specifically developed for WinGPC, registration of each single installation is NOT rerquired.

Is WinGPC limited to GPC/SEC related work?
No, WinGPC is a multi-method CDS with focus on macromolecular characterization. It covers all techniques for in-depth characterization of natural and synthetic  bio(polymers) and proteins.

We have multiple instruments which we want to operate with a single software solution. Can WinGPC handle mutiple instruments?
Yes, this was on the design specs from day one. You can operate WinGPC in a workstation installation with up to 4 instruments from different (or the same) vendors. Networked installations can operate up to 4 instruments per license and a client/Server installation can handle even more with just a single installation on a centralized server.

Which functionalities are present in WinGPC without any software modules?
WinGPC functionality includes data acquisition, data storage in the WinGPC data base, access to the column database, automated and interactive data analysis including system performance tests, HPLC and Multi area analysis, software wizards, calibration (narrow, broad, cumulative match, universal calibration based on Mark-Houwink coefficients, Dextran EP/USP), result calculation including result uncertainty and standard reporting.

Which possibilities for automated data capture and analysis are given in WinGPC?
Quick analysis provides batch processing including atuomated calibration.

Which tools help unexperienced users to operate WinGPC?
Novice users can use the WinGPC wizards. Those will guide you step-by-step through specific tasks. WinGPC videos and the quick reference guides offer on-demand support.

Can I use WinGPC to measure the quality of my signals and system? Can I assess the precision of my GPC results with WinGPC?
WinGPC offers comprehensive system performance tests meeting the requirements of national and international standards. Based on signal quality, calibration quality and system stability WinGPC determines the result uncertainty for all results.

Is WinGPC fully compliant to FDA 21CFR11 and ISO9001?
The optional Compliance Pack adds all functionality to allow for full compliance with 21CFR part 11 and GxP.

Is it possible to control access to WinGPC for selected users?
Access can be limited to selected users when the Compliance Pack is licensed. In non-regulated environments WinGPC use can be password-protected.

Are there different user levels given in WinGPC?
The Compliance Pack provides 4 levels (administrator, advanced user, user, guest). WinGPC comes with recommended privileges for each level, but of course the selection can be adapted to each organization's needs.

How does WinGPC ensure that no data can get lost?
All WinGPC data are stored in the propriatery WinGPC database. Each injection is automatically documented with it's date and time stamp.

How does WinGPC prevent manipulation of data and results?
All WinGPC data (raw data, meta data, calibration data etc.) are stored in the WinGPC data base. Data are encrypted and saved in projects comprising several data files. Raw data can never be manipulated, as all operations (inter detector delay correction, (optional) flow-correction, analysis etc.) are perfomed with a copy of the raw data.

What is the curren WinGPC version?
PSS WinGPC UniChrom 8.3 SR3, Build number: 9050 (released: September 2019)
Updates to WinGPC UniChrom are available, contact us for a quote.


Which kind of support is offered by PSS for WinGPC?
The PSS software team offers comprehensive support. Your contact is not only a WinGPC expert, but also trained in macromolecular chemistry and physics and will organize inhouse support from other PSS departments such as the column department or the contract analysis department.
PSS uses TeamViewer for online support. For those organizations where IT does not allow that the WinGPC database concept allows for easy exchange of information to answer questions efficiently. 
PSS offers also preferred software support contracts with guaranteed reaction times.  

The WinGPC Newsletter (4 editions per year) offers Tips&Tricks and Application notes. You can sign-up here to receive information.

Is it possible to perform an installation qualification (IQ) and/or an operational qualification (OQ) of WinGPC?
PSS offers Software IQ/OQ as a service. Just contact us to discuss your needs.

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