Market-Wide Compatibility - Data Acquisition and Import Options

WinGPC permits simultaneous control of multiple instruments and detectors, even within heterogeneous setups.

  • WinGPC's instrument control and data acquisition is based on RapidControl.Net (RC.Net) drivers. RC.Net instrument drivers are an emerging open industry standard for instrument control. They allow for a greater freedom in instrument choice.
  • The PSS universal data intercace is used when RC.Net drivers are not available and allows for stable and secure data acquisition from any device with analog data output.
  • A variety of import options completes access to raw date to enable specific GPC/SEC/GFC data analysis.

Thus WinGPC offers a market-wide compatibility allowing data acquisition from any commercial system in the market to capitalize on previous instrumentation investment.

Driver Based

3rd Party Control Driver Based

Manufacturer Component PSS Driver P/N
Agilent Technologies Infinity II/I, 1290/1260/1200/1100, 1220/1120, MDS (all modules) 400-1081
ERC/Idex Health & Science Refractomax RI series 400-1084
PL/Varian GPC50 series, 390 detectors, ELS detectors 400-1081
Sedere LT-ELSD series 400-1092
Shimadzu Corporation Nexera, Prominence, LC20, LC10, i-Series, LC40 400-1083
Showa Denko Shodex RI 500/200/100 series 400-1084
Thermo Fisher Scientific (Dionex) UPLC Focused, UltiMate 3000 (Nano, Standard, Basic, semi-preparative) 400-1082
Tosoh Bioscience EcoSEC 400-1086
Vici/Valco EMHA/EMHCA/EMHCO valves 400-1088
Waters Corporation Alliance, Acquity APC 400-1085 400-1091
PSS (Bio)SECcurity, (Bio)SECcurity², SLD7x00, DVD1260, SLD2020, SLD9000, HDC included

Universal Data Interface

Connect 3rd party modules via universal data interface

Flexible and robust data acquisition hardware allows connection to any LC instrument with analog outs.

The PSS Universal Data Center UDC810 is a multiple channel chromatography interface that can be connected to any instrument to

  • converts analog detector signals to digital signals
  • collects trigger signals from autosampler/manual injectors
  • transmits the digitalized data to the host PC

The UDC810 can manage up to 4 instruments/systems with up to 30 detector signals/channels.
Stable transmission in local and networked environments guaranteed due to the integrated data buffer.

Acquire data from any injector or detector including

  • Viscometers,
  • (Multi Angle) Light Scattering Detectors,
  • Conductivity Detectors,
  • Fluorescence Detectors,
  • Radioactive Detectors,
  • IR Detectors,
  • Evaporative Light Scattering detectors or others.

Import Options

Data Import Options

WinGPC UniChrom can process data from the following sources:

Native data formats

  • Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ 7.2 (and later versions)
  • Agilent Technologies ChemStation
  • Agilent Technologies EZ Chrom ASCII/CSV
  • Jasco MD-910
  • PSS Legacy Data
  • Hitachi D-7000 Software

International standards for analytical data interchange

  • Standard ASCII
  • AIA/AnDI/CDF Version 2

Learn More

Data import - Chromeleon Data

Connect to the data vault and process data in WinGPC.


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