GPC/SEC Results for Chromeleon Data

Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ 7.2/7.3 Chromatography Data System (CDS) combines chromatography (HPLC, IC, GC) and routine quantitative MS analysis workflows.
PSS WinGPC UniChrom MCDS offers comprehensive solutions for the characterization of macromolecules with GPC/SEC, IPC, SFC and CE in 1 and 2-dimensional setups.
To enable Chromeleon CDS users to process GPC/SEC data a native WinGPC-Chromeleon CDS data connector has been developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific and PSS.

Therefore WinGPC allows for direct connection the Chromeleon 7 data vault and loads complete sequences into the proven WinGPC project structure. With WinGPC UniChrom 8.4 support for Chromeleon CDS 7.3 has been added.

This procedure ensures that all WinGPC evaluation options (with the exception of the automatic evaluation during real-time data acquisition) are fully functional and even advanced features of WinGPC modules, such as the Heparin module, can be used.

Highest transparency and traceability for manual and interactive evaluation are ensured by the optional WinGPC Compliance Pack. All entries and changes are automatically documented in the sample audit trail and are thus completely traceable.

WinGPC standard reports are available for all results output. With the optional ReportDesigner own report layouts can be freely designed, which are then part of the interactive or automatic workflows.

Figures can be transferred directly to Word or Powerpoint via the convenient WinGPC Clipboard functionality.

Export functions include the powerful ASCII-MWD report, which also provides a convenient link to a LIMS, plus an ASCII export from each work context (window).

How does it work?

  • Click on the WinGPC button for data import and select the matching option. WinGPC will automatically connect to the data vault.
    • If method parameters are specified, they are automatically assigned to the WinGPC method and utilized as metadata (for example, as baseline settings).
    • If some typical GPC/SEC method parameters are missing, they can be added by loading a specific WinGPC method during the first connection. In addition manual entries after the import are allowed.
  • After opening the data the WinGPC database structure is at hand. Both, an interactive and an automated evaluation, can be chosen. All workflows and wizards are available so that users are guided step-by-step through the tasks. 

This solution can be applied for all concentration detectors such as UV, RI, or ELSD. Light scattering, viscometry and triplet detection cannot be realized as it is not possible to aquire such data with Chromeleon.
In these cases, WinGPC, in combination with its ChromPilot or PSS Universal Data Interface, has to be used to acquire the data correctly.

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What does MCDS mean? Is WinGPC Compliant? How do users rate WinGPC? Learn more in this video.


Validated software and traceable results in an easy-to-use software.


Present results using standard or customized layouts and export data and results. 

WinGPC AppNote

Application Note on how to process Chromeleon data in WinGPC. Request your free pdf.

WinGPC Options

WinGPC UniChrom
Data Evaluation

Process existing LC CDS data to allow for precise and accurate GPC/SEC/GFC data processing with all calibration options. 

WinGPC UniChrom MultiWorkstation
Acquire and process data in a local or a network environment. All software modules supported, for up to 4 instruments per single license.

WinGPC UniChrom

Ease administration, allow flexible user access and operation and protect your data. All software modules supported, for multiple instruments and users.


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