WinGPC UniChrom ChromPilot

3rd Party Acquisition and Control

The WinGPC ChromPilot adds comprehensive and convenient system control for

  • HP/Agilent 1100
  • Agilent 1200/1260/1290
  • Agilent 1120/1220
  • PL/ Varian GPC50
  • Shimadzu Nexera, Prominence, LC-8/10/20A
  • Dionex UHPLC+ Focused, UltiMate 3000
  • Tosoh EcoSEC semi-micro GPC System
  • Shodex RI 100/200
  • Waters Alliance
  • Wyatt DAWN DSP, DAWN EOS, Mini-Dawn
  • PSS (Bio)SECcurity² GPC/SEC

Up to four different systems can be controlled with one WinGPC license. Scalable design allows access to fully controlled systems and partial or not controlled systems at the same time. Mixed configurations are fully supported.

Convenient and Clear

Status and settings of the controlled system are displayed in the Instrument Manager, providing all information at one glance. The operation of teh components and the definition of typical GPC/SEC end actions can be done coherently in one overview window. WinGPC specific features, like overlaid injection, can still be used.

The ChromPilot seamlessly integrates in existing installations. Existing sample lists are fully compatible and can be used as are. The ChromPilot can be used with any WinGPC software module and is integrated into the Compliance Pack. It adds one instrument logbook for every controlled system and shows important instrument status and maintenance information.

WinGPC UniChrom
Data Evaluation

Process existing LC CDS data to allow for precise and accurate GPC/SEC/GFC data processing with all calibration options. 

WinGPC UniChrom MultiWorkstation
Acquire and process data in a local or a network environment. All software modules supported, for up to 4 instruments per single license.

WinGPC UniChrom

Ease administration, allow flexible user access and operation and protect your data. All software modules supported, for multiple instruments and users.


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