Data Analysis and Software Modules

Unified Macromolecular Chromatography with Unique Solutions

WinGPC is developed by chromatography experts for efficient, accurate, precise and fast analysis of macromolecules, biopolymers, proteins and complex polymer products providing unique features and tools.

WinGPC is a modular Macromolecular Chromatography Data System (MCDS) designed for the successful LC analysis of large molecules. No longer will there be a need to learn multiple programs to fully implement macromolecular chromatography within the laboratory. Unique basic features and calibration options can be seamlessly upgraded with powerful software moduls for in-depth composition, true molar mass or structure information.

Evaluation options include

  • simultaneous molar mass and area analysis including determination of result uncertainty
  • a proprietary sample database with search and filter options
  • a proprietary column database to document and evaluate column performance
  • overlaid injection to save 30% time and solvent with every injection
  • separate baseline and integration limits in accordance with GPC/SEC/GFC standards
  • all calibration options with unique automation for e.g. LMW Heparin or Dextran
  • fully automated or interactive calibration and sample analysis, batch processing
  • optional flow correction

With software modules

  • absolute molar masses and support for 1-20 angle static light scattering
  • radii and support for dynamic light scattering
  • viscometry data analysis including univesal calibration
  • triple detection
  • branching analysis
  • compolymer composition analysis (composition and molar masses)
  • end group analysis
  • calibration and analysis based on mass spectrometry data
  • 2D analysis including simultaneous molar mass determination and composition determination

Mass and Structure Modules

Mass Spectrometry

Add molar mass information from MS data for unique calibration

Light scattering

Module of choice for absolute molar masses and radius information


Add viscosity results and structure information

Heparin/End group

Analysis of end group distributions EP LMWH calibration

Copolymer Analysis Modules


Dualdetection comonomer distribution analysis with unique calibration

Chem. Heterogeneity

Analysis of chemically heterogeneous polymers in interaction mode

2D Chromatography

Module of choice for copolymers with a large number of hetero-contacts

3D Spectra

Module of choice for comprehensive analysis and presentation of 3D-DAD/FLD data fields

Ease your life

Compliance Pack

Add traceability to meet regulatory requirements


Add comprehensive and convenient system control for many systems


Ultimate tool for reporting in desktop publishing quality

Multi instrument

Add additional time bases: up to 4 per WinGPC licence

WinGPC Options

WinGPC UniChrom
Data Evaluation

Process existing LC CDS data to allow for precise and accurate GPC/SEC/GFC data processing with all calibration options. 

WinGPC UniChrom MultiWorkstation
Acquire and process data in a local or a network environment. All software modules supported, for up to 4 instruments per single license.

WinGPC UniChrom

Ease administration, allow flexible user access and operation and protect your data. All software modules supported, for multiple instruments and users.


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