Connect 3rd party modules via universal data interface

Flexible and robust data acquisition hardware allows connection to any LC instrument with analog outs.

The PSS Universal Data Center UDC810 is a multiple channel chromatography interface that can be connected to any instrument to

  • convert analog detector signals to digital signals
  • collect trigger signals from autosampler/manual injectors
  • transmit the digitalized data to the host PC

The UDC810 can manage up to 4 instruments/systems with up to 30 detector signals/channels.
Stable transmission in local and networked environments guaranteed due to the integrated data buffer.

Acquire data from any injector or detector including

  • Viscometers,
  • (Multi Angle) Light Scattering Detectors,
  • Conductivity Detectors,
  • Fluorescence Detectors,
  • Radioactive Detectors,
  • IR Detectors,
  • Evaporative Light Scattering detectors or others.

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