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Pure Magic: The PSS Column Concept

Balance your Polarities

The key to successful GPC/SEC/GFC separations is the choice of columns. Interaction-free GPC/SEC/GFC requires a balanced system of sample, mobile phase, and stationary phase (GPC/SEC/GFC column material). The sample chemistry and polarity determines the choice of solvent, which is typically in GPC/SEC/GFC also the mobile phase (eluent).  

PSS offers a wide range of different polarity column materials.

Download CoA and Manual

Every PSS column is individually quality checked. A Certificate of Anaylsis (CoA) is issued for all columns, with the exception of pre-columns.Download of a Certificate of Analysis requires the column serial number.

High resolution columns for all mobile phases

Columns for aqueous mobile phases

PSS Stationary Phases SUPREMA, NOVEMA Max, MCX and PROTEEMA - optimized for separations of water-soluble samples in Water or Buffers with or without organic modifier. Discover more...

Columns for organic mobile phases

PSS Stationary Phases SDV, GRAM, PolarSil, PFG and POLEFIN - optimized for separations in THF, Toluene, HFIP, DMAc, DMF, TCB and many other organic solvents. Discover more...

Free Column Selection App

The free Column Selection App helps to find the best column offering the choices:

  • Replace Existing Columns
  • Columns Recommendation
  • USP Methods / EP Methods
  • Application Search

Available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

New Resource

More than just a catalogue: the PSS resource “Reference Materials and LC Columns” features not only analytical, micro, and preparative columns and a wide range of standards and kits but provides valuable information on how to successfully measure molar mass distributions of macromolecules.

Column Key Features

  • ready for immediate use
  • individually quality checked
  • stainless steel (V4A) or bioinert hardware fitting any HPLC or GPC/SEC instrument
  • dimesions: analytical (8x300mm), semi-micro (4.6x250mm), preparative (20x300mm) or HighSpeed (20x50mm) (others on request)
  • choice of
    • individual pore size columns (single porosity columns): highest resolution in a narrower molar mass separation range
    • linear columns: screening a wide molar mass separation range
    • column sets: wide molar mass separation range with optimized particle size and tested to be free of pore size mismatch
  • optional: solvent of choice
  • opional: pre-equilibrated for light scattering

Learn More

Column & Application Finder

Search for applications or find the best column for your solvent and molar mass range.

Column Selection Webcast

Learn more: This webcast discusses basic concepts for selecting columns.


e-book Series: GPC/SEC Columns

Contact us to receive a free pdf-copy of

PSS e-book Series part 2: GPC/SEC Columns



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