High Temperature GPC - Polyolefine Characterization

Polyolefins, such as Poly(ethylene) or Poly(propylene), are soluble in Trichlorobenzene (TCB) and Dichlorobenzene (DCB) at elevated temperatures above 150°C. GPC analysis is carried out using specific High Temperature GPC instruments equipped with IR, RI, viscometry or light scattering detection. PSS POLEFIN columns have been specifically developed for High Temperature GPC analysis with a strong focus on

  • a wide and linear separation range
  • excellent temperature stability
  • efficient separation


For High temperature GPC/SEC of polyolefins.
For Poly(ethylene), Poly(propylene) and others. 


  • Modified Styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer network
  • Particle Sizes: 10, 20 µm
  • Molar Mass Range: 100 - 30 000 000 Da
  • available as analytical and HighSpeed column

Mobile Phases:

  • Ideal for TCB, DCB, o-DCB, Decalin

Maximum Temperature:

  • 200°C

Molar Mass Ranges

Calibration Curves

POLEFIN Calibration Curves Individual Columns

Calibration Kits

PSS offers two different ReadyCal Kits designed specifically for HT Instruments:

for Agilent/PL 220 Instruments: 
3 x 10 Vials 1.5 mL, Mp 370 - 2 520 000 Da

for Polymer Char Instrumentes:
4 x 5 Vials 10 mL, Mp 266 - 12 200 000 Da

Other Calibration Kits


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