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Uncompromised Data Quality, Accuracy, Precision, Reliability and Validability

Whatever your priority, speed, resolution, sensitivity, or data accountability PSS ensures configurations ideally suited to meet your application requirements.

SECcurity² GPC/SEC

For Analytical, HighSpeed and Semi-preparative GPC/SEC/GFC separations. Discover more...

BioSECcurity² SEC

For harsh analytical conditions (high salt concentrations, extreme pH values). Discover more...


Fully profit from the enhanced separation power of small particles using micro columns. Discover more...

2D Analyzers

Comprehensive analysis combining two independent separation techniques. Discover more...

(Bio)SECcurity² Components

Pumps and Degassers

Isocratic and binary or quaternary gradient pumps with excellent flow and composition stability with internal or external degassers. Discover more...

Injection Systems

Injection systems for a variety of tasks from manual injection to high throughput automated injection. Discover more...


Add a single detector or any detector combination for advanced characterization techniques. Discover more...

Column Compartments

Spacious column racks for all columns including analytical and semi-prep. Discover more...

Fraction Collectors

Optimized fraction collection capabilities without compromises. Discover more...


Automate a variety of applications such as column selection and more. Discover more...

(Bio)SECcurity² System Control

PSS fully supports the open systems approach to simplify instrument control - for more integrated solutions for customers who want to make full use of the advantages of their (M)CDS.

CDS Drivers

RapidControl.Net (RC.Net) instrument drivers are an emerging open industry standard for instrument control across multiple data systems. They allow users a greater freedom in instrument choice, regardless of which Chromatography Data System (CDS) is used.

(Bio)SECcurity² instruments and components control is based on the RC.Net driver approach allowing control from not only from PSS WinGPC MCDS but also from any other CDS that supports RC.Net.

(Bio)SECcurity² instrument drivers are available for the following software packages:

  • ABI/SCIEX: Analyst
  • Agilent: ChemStation, EZChrom, MassHunter, OpenLab
  • Bruker: Compass/Hystar
  • DataApex: Clarity
  • Leco: Chroma
  • PSS: WinGPC
  • Shimdazu: LabSolution
  • Thermo/Dionex: Chromeleon
  • Waters: Empower

WinGPC ChromPilot

All (Bio)SECcurity² systems and components can be controlled using the optional WinGPC UniChrom ChromPilot. The connection between WinGPC and (Bio)SECcurity² is established via network/LAN.

The WinGPC ChromPilot fully supports also mixed configurations with components/systems from other vendors, if a driver is available.

The ChromPilot can control up to 4 complete systems for independent time bases per software license via the existing communication ports.

(Bio)SECcurity² Controller

The (Bio)SECcurity² controller gives you complete control, system monitoring, signal plotting and diagnostic capabilities for a virtually unlimited number of LC system modules without the need of a PC. Complete local control and monitoring of an entire system, or a single module are available from a single point. Transfer and archiving of methods, sequences and logbooks via standard USB memory sticks. GLP - System logbook and module log-books record errors, unusual events and maintenance activities for GLP traceability.

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Parts and Supplies

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(Bio)SECcurity² Services

Discover specific Instrument Services with service plans or our Compliance Services

e-book: Detection

(Absolute) molar masses, structures, branching, composition - request our e-book on GPC/SEC detection.


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