2D Polymer Analyzer

The whole is more than the sum of its parts - the value of 2 dimensions by PSS.

The fully automated 2D Polymer Analyzer combines the separation power of two dimensions. The increased peak capacity and the ability to measure (true) molar masses, composition or end groups simultaneously allows characterization also of complex macromolecules.

The 2D Polymer Analyzer comprises:

HPLC/IPC-capable 1st dimension

  • SECcurity² binary gradient pump
  • SECcurity² autosampler
  • SECcurity² HPLC column compartement
  • 2D Transfer valve (in oven or external)
  • SECcurity² UV detector

GPC/SEC-capable 2nd dimension

  • SECcurity² isocratic pump
  • SECcurity² ELS1300

Convenient Software Solution

  • WinGPC UniChrom MCDS with 2 independent time-bases
  • WinGPC UniChrom ChromPilot
  • WinGPC UniChrom 2D software module

Options and services

  • Multiple detection options (expand SECcurity² detectors seamlessly)
  • HPLC/IPC-GPC/SEC-2D method development services and method transfer
  • Trainings

Learn More

Primer 2D LC

Learn more about characterization of macromolecules by 2D Chromatography.

Video Interview

Dr. Martina Adler, PSS Mainz, talks about 2-dimensional chromatography.

Webinar: 2D

This webinar shows how 2D works and describes the techniques that can be used.

Application Note

Molar Mass and Chemical Composition 2D PolymerAnalysis for Thermoplastic Elastomers.


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