BioSECcurity² SEC System

For harsh analytical conditions at high salt concentrations and extreme pH values

Routine bioanalysis under harsh conditions has never been so easy and powerful. With the BioSECcurity² SEC system, PSS introduces the ideal solution for protein molar mass, purity, and aggregation analysis with advanced detection.

Problems in biopolymer analysis are often caused by corrosion due to the required high salt concentrations and the extreme pH values. In addition metal ions can lead to problems with the column lifetime or chromatographic artifacts.

BioSECcurity² overcomes these problems by offering a metal-free system. Matching PSS PROTEEMA columns with different particle sizes and the porosities 100 Å, 300 Å and 1000Å for the analysis of proteins are available in coaded bioinert hardware.

BioSECcurity² Components

Pumps and Degassers

BioSECcurity² quaternary pump with active seal wash. Discover more...

Injection Systems

High performance autosampler for well-plates or vials or alternatively a manual injector. Discover more...


Suitable options

  • UV detector or DAD/PDA
  • SLD1000B RALLS (light scattering)
  • SLD7100B MALLS (light scattering) 

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Column Compartments

Spacious column racks for all columns including analytical and semi-prep. Discover more...

Fraction Collectors

Optimized fraction collection capabilities without compromises. Discover more...


Automate a variety of applications such as column selection and more. Discover more...

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Parts and Supplies

Order wear parts or spare parts online and save time. Visit shop.....

(Bio)SECcurity² Services

Discover specific Instrument Services with service plans or our Compliance Services

e-book: Detection

(Absolute) molar masses, structures, branching, composition - request our e-book on GPC/SEC detection.


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