(Bio)SECcurity² Fraction Collectors

The (Bio)SECcurity² GPC1260 fraction collectors are designed for optimized fraction collection capability without compromises. Three different models are available, suitable for microtiter plates, test-tubes and bottles and to be programmed locally or using WinGPC's ChromPilot.


Fraction collector SF 3120 - P/N 409-0005

Stand-alone fraction collector designed for GPC/SEC and preparative GPC/SEC. Handles a large variety of racks and all kinds of collection vessels from microtiter plates up to large volume containers. Fraction triggering based on time, signal and peaks. Convenient on-device control or WinGPC control.

Analytical Fraction collector - P/N 404-2138
Bioinert Analytical Fraction collector - P/N 404-2159

Stackable analytical-scale fraction collector optimized for flow rates < 10 ml/min. Handles a wide range of trays for well plates, Eppendorf tubes and vials of different heights and widths. Fraction triggering based on time, peak or mass. Highly convinient WinGPC ChromPilot software control including combination of different modes and Boolean logic for different detector signals.


  SF 3120 SECcurity² analytical BioSECcurity² analytical
Max. flow rate < 300 mL/min < 10 mL/min
Safety-related features pump stop after operation error detection and display, leak detection and safe
leak handling, low voltages in maintenance areas
Communications   CAN-bus, RS232, APG Remote: ready, start, stop
and shut-down signals
Control integrated controller, remote UDC810 relais control WinGPC ChromPilot, Agilent CF,
ChemStation,  EZ Chrom, MassHunter
Display 8 row LCD optional: (Bio)SECcurity² controller (P/N 404-2136)
pH range/Materials used SST, PTFE, PCTFE, ABS, Nylon, PP, Aluminum 2 - 11
SST, PTFE, ceramic
1 -13, short-term: 14
PEEK, PTFE, ceramic
Modes of operation sample, window, manual with learning option, sampling
multi sample possible in simple, peak and window mode
time, peak (threshold, up-/downslope, upper threshold and timetable)
combination of different modes
Trays and rack options
  • Standard test tube
  • Eppendorf tube (1.5 mL, 40 mm heigh, 11 mm body circumference)
  • Scintillation vial (16.5mm)
  • Scintillation vial (27.5mm)
  • Microtiter plate (96well x2)
  • Prep. Funnelm (30 fractions funnel)
Full trays with 4 well plates
  • 40 x 20 mL test tubes (30 mm od, 48 mm height)
  • 60 x 15 mL test tubes (25 mm od, 48 mm height)
  • 126 x 8 mL test tubes (16 mm od, 48 mm height)
  • 215 x 5 mL test tubes (12 mm od, 48 mm height)

Trays + 1 aditional half tray

  • 2 well plates + 10 x 2 mL vials
  • 100 x 2 mL vials (+ one possible additional half tray)

Half trays (up to 3 per fraction collector)

  • 15 x 6 mL vial and/or 40 x 2 mL vial

Plates for well plate trays

  • Eppendorf safe-lock tubes (27 x 0.5 mL, 1.5 mL/2.5 mL) 24 test tubes (18 mm OD)
  • 54 x 2 mL vial
  • 15 x 6 mL vial
  • 3-way valve to avoid dripping between containers
  • more racks
  • thermostat for optional heating/cooling, 4 – 40°C (P/N 404-0142
  • other trays

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