(Bio)SECcurity² Injection Systems

The SECcurity² GPC1260 offers injection systems for a variety of tasks, ranging from general GPC/SEC/GFC needs up to specific solutions for higher sample throughput or semi-preparative separations. All modules are designed for quick startup, automated validation and ease of use. All injectors can be used also with difficult GPC/SEC/GFC solvents including hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP).


SECcurity² manual injector - P/N 404-2114
Convenient modular accessory, dimensioned to match the footprint of the SECcurity² GPC1260. Stack to create a compact, affordable manual injection GPC/SEC system. Equipped with 100µL sample loop and position sensor. Sample loops from 20µL to 1mL are also available.

SECcurity² standard autosampler - P/N 404-2104
The SECcurity² GPC1260 standard autosampler is designed for the reliability, safety, and ease of use needed in (pharmaceutical) routine tasks and quality control, as well as for R&D tasks. Injection with highest precession allows reliable detection and evalulation with molar mass sensitive detectors and concentration detectors alike.
The standard autosampler can be upgraded from non-thermostatted version to thermostatted version by adding the thermostat P/N 404-9234.
A 900µL enhanced injection volume kit P/N 409-9015 for semi-preparative systems is available.

BioSECcurity² Multisampler - P/N 404-2154
The 1260 BioSECcurity² multisampler is ideal for all bio-related applications, such as protein or oligonucleotide analysis. The ceramic needle, PEEK needle seat and wash, and stainless steel-clad PEEK capillaries ensure highest injection accuracy and precision with minimum carryover. The multisampler can be upgraded with a sample cooling option by adding the thermostat P/N 404-2142.
Wetted parts:
Upstream of sample introduction - Titanium, gold, PTFE, PEEK, ceramic
Downstream of sample introduction - PEEK, ceramic


  standard autosampler multisampler
Maintenance and
safety-related features
Extensive diagnostics, error detection and display, leak detection, safe leak handling, leak output signal for shutdown of pumping system and low voltages in major maintenance areas
GLP/Compliance Electronic records of maintenance and errors. Early maintenance feedback (EMF) for continuous tracking of instrument usage, display of feedback messages if preset limits are exceeded.
Sample capacity 100 x 2 mL vials in 1 tray,
40 x 2 mL vials in ½ tray,
15 x 6 mL vials in ½ tray,
micro vials (100 or 300 µL) with sleeves
up to 8 drawers and 16 plate positions accepting well plates:
< 6145/1537 samples (384/96 MTP),
vials: < 433 vials (2 mL),
< 61 vials (6 mL)
Injection per vial 1-99
Injection range 0.1- 100 µL in 0.1 µL increments
Up to 1500 µL with multiple draw
Precision typically < 0.25 % RSD from 5 - 100 µL,
typically < 1 % RSD from 1 - 5 µL
typically < 0.15 % RSD from 5 - 100 µL
typically < 0.7 % RSD from 1 - 5 µL
Sample viscosity range 0.2 - 5 cp
Pressure operating range 0-60 MPa (0-600 bar, 0-8702 psi)
Carry over typically < 0.1 % without automated needle wash,
typically < 0.004 % with automated needle wash 
typically < 0.004 %, <0.0009 % with multiwash
needle wash / seat backflush with up to 3 solvents
pH range 2 - 11 1 - 13, short term: 14


Field Upgrade Options

  • Optional sample thermostat: 4° - 40°C in 1° increments -  P/N 404-2142

Kit for enhanced injection volume - P/N 404-9234
Increase the injection volume maximum from 100mµL to 900µL. Add the multi-draw option ot further increase to 1500µL.

Vials and Kaps
100 autosampler vials (2mL), clear glass, for snap caps - P/N 409-9057
100 snap caps for PSS autosampler vials - P/N 409-9058


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