µSECcurity² GPC/SEC System

Fully profit from the enhanced separation power of small particles

The use of smaller particles in liquid chromatography has the general advantage that higher resolution is achieved. An efficient separation can be achieved in a short time if small particle separation materials are used in columns with smaller dimensions (micro columns) at flow rates in the range of 0.5 - 0.7 mL/min.

Typical column dimensions for micro columns are 150 to 250 mm length and 4.6 mm internal diameter. 

PSS micro columns are supplied in the dimensions of 4.6x250 mm and are available in various porosities for the following materials:

  • for nonpolar and medium polar organic solvents: PSS SDV 3 μm 
  • for natural and synthetic proteins and peptides in aqueous solvents: PSS PROTEEMA 3 μm 
  • for neutral and anionic polymers in aqueous solvents: PSS SUPREMA 5 μm 
  • for fluorinated organic solvents: PSS PFG 5 μm

Other materials can be delivered on request.

Typically these conditions require instrumentation with small cell volumes and low overall dead volume. With the PSS µSECcurity² GPC system introducing an μRI with smallest cell volume (1.7 μL) a specifically designed solution supporting all micro columns is available. Existing PSS (Bio)SECcurity² GPC systems (as well as Agilent 1260/1290-Systems) can be seamlessly retrofitted at any time.

µSECcurity Components

Pumps and Degassers

Isocratic and binary or quaternary gradient pumps with excellent flow and composition stability with internal or external degassers. Discover more...

Injection Systems

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Suitable options:

  • UV detector or DAD/PDA
  • SLD1000M light scattering
  • DVD1260M online viscometer
  • µ refractive index RI detector

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Column Compartments

Spacious column racks for all columns including analytical and semi-prep. Discover more...


Automate a variety of applications such as column selection and more. Discover more...

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(Bio)SECcurity² Services

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e-book: Detection

(Absolute) molar masses, structures, branching, composition - request our e-book on GPC/SEC detection.

Application Note

µRI detection cells allow for less band broadening and higher resolution

White Paper

Practical strategies in GPC/SEC to increase the resolution.



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