Hold-up column viscometer

Integrated 4-capillary differential viscosity detector suitable for GPC/SEC/GFC.

The MDS390 is an integrated online viscosity detector with hold-up column technique for the measurement of intrinsic viscosity, Mark-Houwink coefficients and molar masses based on universal calibration.

The instrument can come with up to three detectors (triple detector with viscometer, static dual angle light scattering, RI) at once or can be field upgraded any time a new technique is required. Any detector combination is possible. Each MDS detector can be individually heated from 30 – 60 °C to ensure baseline stability. All detectors can be used in series, ensuring all of the analyte is studied.

Universal applicability


Integrated Viscosity Detector

  • Integrated 4-capillary hold-up column viscosity detector for the simultaneous measurement of delta pressure and inlet pressure.
  • hold-up column technique for fast exchange between different solvent types.
  • various configurations matching all requirements, from viscometry only up to triple detection.
  • field upgrade options for light scattering and RI detection.

Connect to any LC

Connect to any LC

The MDS390 can be connected to virtually any LC.

Operation connected to a liquid chromatography system requires WinGPC UniChrom software for detector control, data acquisition and analysis. WinGPC can manage a variety of LC systems directly.

Systems without ChromPilot 3rd Party Control can be connected using either PSS data acquisition hardware or the 2 analog ins of the MDS390.

Data analysis requires WinGPC UniChrom software with the viscometry module.

Software Options

Chromatography Data System with Viscometry Data Analysis

Don't sacrifice flexibility, user-friendliness and compliance just to add viscometry to your lab. Protect your investments and ensure integrated solutions - now and in future.

When connecting to an LC use WinGPC UniChrom MultiWorkstation or Client/Server to control the detector and the LC, acquire data and allow for comprehensive manual or automated analysis with flexible result output. Software wizards and guided setups support users and facilitate learning.

  • Profit from the convenient, secure and continuously improved features of a world wide used Chromatography Data System equipped with universal calibration option, specific viscometer data analysis and test routines.
  • Automatically generate ultra-fast results including result uncertainty even within an active sequence.
  • Or analyze samples in all details using WinGPC's advanced features and sophisticated tools.   
  • Transfer all results to a LIMS, create extensive reports and provide clear, scalable figures for presentations - all within one software package.


  DVD1260 MDS390 Viscometer
Detector type on-line viscometer with reservoir on-line viscometer with hold-up columns
Detector signals differential pressure, dP
inlet pressure, iP
Signal range dP: -1.6-10 kPa
iP: 0-150
Temperature ambient - 80°C 30°C - 60°C
Temperature stability > 0.01°C ± 0.2° C
pH 2-11 2-10
  • upgrade with multi angle or
    single angle multicolor LS,
    different enclosures
  • µVersion available
  • upgrade with dual-angle LS and/or RI in same enclosure
  • upgrade with dual-angle LS and/or RI, enclosure expansion


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