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Validation Standards & Kits

Validation requires to prove that each process involved in producing a product or result can be shown to be 

  • doing the right job
  • and doing the job right.

PSS validation kits and reference materials are used to validate instruments, to verify the operation of a system and to train new users on specific techniques.

EasyValid Kit

Aqueous or organic holistic GPC/SEC System Suitability Test for GPC/SEC systems. Discover more...

Visco/LS Validation Kits

Validation standards for GPC/SEC light scattering, viscometry or triple detectors. Discover more...

LCCC Validation Kit

Learn separating by end groups using Interaction Polymer Chromatography (IPC). Discover more...

MALDI-ToF Validation Kits

Validate/compare Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight instruments. Discover more...


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