EasyValid GPC/SEC System Suitability Test

EasyValid is a specific GPC/SEC System Suitability Test (SST) applicable for the validation of mixed and matched components or for turn-key GPC/SEC systems, independently of instrument brand and software configuration.

The test checks the overall performance for all components under true GPC/SEC conditions using round robin certified reference materials to authenticate the GPC/SEC typical results (e.g. molar mass averagas Mw, Mn, Polydispersity index PDI).
A passed validation shows that the system is in perfectly working order to obtain GPC/SEC results.

Validation with the EasyValid Validation Kit can be part of the OQ/PV (Operational Qualification/Performance Verification) or of the PQ (Performance Qualification), when used after maintenance of the system or one of its components.

The EasyValid kit comprises

  • round robin test certified polymer reference standards
  • a validation column
  • a detailed procedure and documentation for beginners or experienced users alike
  • optional for WinGPC Unity/UniChrom MCDS Users: Reports with automated setting of passed/failed flags, sample import lists with concentrations and all sample related parameters

Available are PSS-pskitval for organic systems and PSS-dxtkitval for aqueous systems.

For the validation of additional Viscometry/light scattering detectors add PSS-pskitv (Polystyrene based), PSS-mmkitv (PMMA based) or PSS-dxtkitv (Dextran based).


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