LCCCValid Kit for Separations Based on End Groups

DIN SPEC 91070 "Liquid Chromatography under Critical Conditions - Chemical Heterogeneity of Polyethylene Oxides" describes the separation and quantification of a heterogeneous polyethylene glycol (PEG) mixture.

LCCCValid is a specific validation kit to be used according to DIN SPEC 91070. It allows for learning Chromatography at the Critical Point of Adsorption (LCCC) using different end functionalized reference materials. 

The LCCCValid validation kit comprises

  • a chromatography column
  • 7 samples already prepared in 1.5mL autosampler vials:
    • 3 PEG standards of different molecular weights (determination of the critical point)
    • 2 reference PEG standards with allyl/methyl end functionality
    • 2 PEG mixtures of different heterogeneity of known composition for validation.
  • a detailed documentation describing how to determine the critical point of adsorption

Minimum required LC hardware:
Degasser, (Isocratic) Pump, Injection System (automated or manual), Column Compartment, Refractive Index Detector or Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD). PSS SECcurity² components are ideally suited for LCCC separations.  


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