MALDI Validation Kits

PSS provides Maldi Validation Kits that will help you with the validation and comparison of Matrix-Assisted-Laser-Desorption-Ionization Time-of-Flight measurement (MALDI ToF) instruments. Certificates provide MALDI spectra including Mw, Mn and Mp values of selected reference materials with narrow molar mass distributions.

Standards with different molecular weight ranges and different polarities are included. The different molecular weights allow you to determine the resolution of the instrument as a function of the molecular weight, whereas different polymer polarities help you determine the compatibility of your Matrix and polymer.

Available are

  • MALDI mixed-Kit (PSS-mixkitm) comprising one poly(styrene), one poly(methyl methacrylate), one poly(dimethyl siloxane), one poly(ethylene glycol) and one poly(styrene sulphonate) sodium salt
  • and MALDI-Kit Poly(styrene) (PSS-pskitm) comprising 6 different poly(styrene) standards

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