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Light Scattering/Viscometry Validation Kits

PSS Light Scattering/Viscometry Kits are suitable for the easy and fast validation of light Scattering, viscometry, and Triple instruments and allow for consistant data comparison.

The Certificates of Analysis include the molar mass averages of different methods as well as GPC/SEC parameter and conditions for Light Scattering (LS) and/or Viscometry (Visco) measurements.

Available are

  • Visco/LS-Kit Dextran (PSS-dxtkitv)
  • Visco/LS-Kit Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PSS-mmkitv)
  • Visco/LS-Kit Poly(styrene) (PSS-pskitv)

with each kit comprising 4 different molar masses.


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