Trustworthy and Reliable Chromatography of Macromolecules

PSS offers a variety of services and consulting opportunities for all industries working with macromolecules.

Our dedicated staff offer personal service, fast turn-around times and superior quality.

Contract Analysis/Testing Lab

PSS provides analytical services from academic research to routine quality control. Discover more...

Method Development and Transfer

Work with our experts on your LC method or get support to identify the best column. Discover more...

Compliance Services and Validations

Streamline your compliance efforts by using PSS compliance services. Discover more...

Instrument/Hardware Services

Ensure highest instrument uptime with PSS preventive maintenance and relocation services. Discover more...

Customized Solutions

Custom/tailor-made software, custom synthesis of reference materials or specific stationary phases/polymer beads, new solutions for automation - work with PSS experts to reach your goals.


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