How to Send Samples

PSS requires sample amounts between 0.1 g and 1 g per requested measurement. Consider the solid content of each sample component when sending solutions, blends or mixtures, especially when extraction is part of the services package.
Contact us prior to your order, when less than 20 mg of sample are available or when unsure about the sampling process.
Please do not send sample amounts > 500 g.

With every quote PSS will send a sample information sheet. This comprises

  • detailed shipping instructions for the samples
  • the shipping address
  • instructions how to create a proforma invoice (required only for specific countries)

The completed sample information sheet needs to be submitted along with the samples. After the analysis PSS will store remaining sample amounts for 12 months. Return of the remaining sample amounts against shipping costs is available.

How does it work?

Optional Confidentiality Agreement

If you have confidentiality requirements, we routinely deal with this kind of situations. 
Just email your confidentiality agreement and we will promptly process it.

Initial Consultation and Quotation

Contact us and our experts will discuss your analysis goals to come up with a detailed proposal. Depending on the complexity of the task the proposal might include several steps. PSS will issue a detailed quote and send you a sample information sheet to be send with the samples.

Announcement of samples

To enable our experts to provide fast results you can announce the samples here. You can also upload an electronic version of the sample information sheet.

Receipt of Samples at PSS

The sample information sheet will help us to direct the sample immediately to the right lab. The sample is entered into our system and you will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt. Standard analysis time is 10 working day after receipt of the samples. Rush analysis is available. 

Delivery of Results

After completion of the analysis you will receive an e-mail with a detailed report attached. The report contains all results, conditions, figures and overlays. If ordered you will also receive ASCII MWD reports with all raw data. Contact us to receive an example report.

Optional Closing Consultation

How do I get the most out of the results? Our experts will make sure that you fully understand all parts of the report with all consequences implied. 


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