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Good/Bad Comparisons, Failure Analysis, Stability Testing

Polymer characteristics and quality for an application depend on different sample and material related properties. The molar mass distribution, the composition, end groups and additives determine if the material is suitable for processing.

In case of a failure, PSS works with you to determine the cause and provides insight to successfully resolve the problem.

PSS applies

  • Interaction Polymer Chromatography and 2-dimensional Chromatography to compare samples and to determine differences in chemical composition or end group distributions
  • GPC/SEC/HT-GPC in in THF, Toluene, DMF, DMAc, NMP, TCM, HFIP, TFE, Water, DMSO, DCB and TCB at temperatures up to 155°C to compare samples and to obtain molar mass averages and molar mass distributions
  • chromatographic separations with intelligent detection to obtain structure and branching information

Residual monomer, solvent, antioxidants, light stabilizers, plasticizers, lubricants, and others are separated, identified and quantified by utilizing chromatographic separations. PSS applies both, size based GPC/SEC separations and interaction based HPLC separations, and either

  • performs preparative-scale separations combined with a fraction collector to collect fractions to be investigated with additional methods 
  • hyphenates analytical-scale separation with specific detection such as FTIR, MALDI-ToF or ESI-MS

Batch methods are utilized to identify samples, to determine thermal properties, tacticity or end groups.


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