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Since 2007 PSS has published GPC/SEC Tips & Tricks in LC/GCs digital magazine “The Column”. These Tips & Tricks are designed to support GPC/SEC users of in their daily work providing comprehensive overviews on different aspects of this powerful technique.

Many readers collect these publications and have approached us to create a compendium with all the information published in more than 70 editions in over 10 years. While working on this project, we realized that a compendium does not reflect the true value of the compiled information. To have all published topics at-a-glance, we decided to create a series of five different e-books instead.

Theory and Background

GPC/SEC Theory and Background -
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GPC/SEC Columns

GPC/SEC Columns -
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GPC/SEC Detection

GPC/SEC Detection -
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GPC/SEC Good Practice

GPC/SEC Good Practice -
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GPC/SEC Applications

GPC/SEC Applications -
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Each book is based on 5-8 different Tips & Tricks publications updated with the latest information, new examples and figures. In addition links to other PSS resources were added, which provide more information on the topic.

To allow new users to GPC/SEC a continued reading experience, content has sometimes been edited so that there are differences to the original publications.

Nevertheless we maintained the original spirit so that the publications are independent references allowing advanced users to read only the dedicated publication of interest.

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