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WinGPC Trainings - Classroom style, inhouse or remote

We have trained thousands of scientists all over the world in both the theoretical aspects of GPC/SEC and more importantly on the practical issues associated with generating accurate, precise and reproducible data. 

Attend one of our classroom style trainings, book an inhouse training or contact us for a webbased training.

Classroom style - WinGPC software training P/N Program Next Event
Viscometry and light scattering 899-0031 program  
WinGPC Basic Operation 899-0029 program  
ChromPilot System Control  and Sequence Management 899-0032 program  
ReportDesigner 899-0030 program  
Compliance Pack 899-0033 program  

Personalized Trainings

Inhouse training

Offerings for 1 day, 2 day, 3 day inhouse trainings with your choice of content.

Webbased training

Offerings for webased trainings, minimum 1 hour, 1 session or several consecutive sessions.

Premium Software Support

Contact us for a premium software support contract with the following benefits:

  • premium support including telefon, fax, and e-mail support
  • guaranteed reaction times < 24 hours
  • free patches
  • free updates
  • reduced fees for PSS GPC/SEC and software training courses

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