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The WinGPC Newsletter, introduced in January 2001, features software applications for WinGPC, tipps&tricks for efficient use and trouble shooting, new software products, and general WinGPC information.

It is e-mailed up to 4 times a year to all registered WinGPC users. Registration is free and can be done by sending an e-mail with your WinGPC license number and your contact information.

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WinGPC Newsletter History

Newsletter Application Tips & Tricks Highlights
  • Installation of a WinGPC evaluation license
  • SLD2020 MALLS-Detektor in WinGPC – From setup to data acquisition

WinGPC User Meeting 2022 - Review

PSS Nanoparticle Distribution Analyzer (PSS NaPDA)

01/2020 The WinGPC Multi-area Evaluation
  • The SECcurity Service Tool
  • WinGPC ReportDesigner -- Multi-page Layouts
02/2019 Saw tooth gradients in WinGPC
  • Enhanced Injection Procedures for SECcurity Autosamplers with ChromPilot Control
WinGPC User Meeting 2019 - Review
  • WinGPC ReportDesigner – Edit and print Data Editor Content
  • WinGPC ReportDesigner – Extended Availability of Overlay Variables
WinGPC 8.3 Service Release 3 – Focus on “Data Integrity”
02/2018 New Quick Analysis, faster (re)processing of sequences
  • ReportDesigner: User Input while Printing
  • Load Chromeleon data in WinGPC
WinGPC UniChrom 8.3 SR2 release fall 2018
01/2018 The WinGPC Column Database
  • ChromPilot 8.3 – Save IP Addresses und Instrument Configurations
  • WinGPC ReportDesigner – Property "Format"
WinGPC UniChrom 8.3 SR1 released
01/2017 The WinGPC ReportDesigner – Application and Operating Concept
  • WinGPC ReportDesigner – Copy and Paste Single Elements and Objects
  • WinGPC Support – Tools, Logs and other Helpful Files
PSS SECcurity² Systems and Modules
03/2016 Light Scattering and Viscometry with WinGPC - Which Constants and Parameters do I find where? (Part 2)
  • Standard Reports, Figures and ASCII Data
  • WinGPC Export Options
WinGPC 8.3: What's new?
02/2016 Light Scattering and Viscometry with WinGPC - Which Constants and Parameters do I find where? (part 1)
  • Digital Data Acquisition - Useful Auxiliary Signals
  • Overlay Mode for Calibration Curves
PSS - International Symposium on GPC
01/2016 Definition of Detectors and Signaltypes in the WinGPC Methiod Window - Usage, Meaning and Benefit
  • Axes in WinGPC - Captions and Scaling
  • Manual Borders - Enter Evaluation Parameters Directly
Preview WinGPC UniChrom 8.3
03/2015 How to Overlay Raw Data with WinGPC
  •  PSS SECcurity TCC6000 - New Driver and thus more Features and Security
WinGPC User Meeting 2015 - Retrospective
02/2015 WinGPC Software Wizards - An Overview
  • HPLC Peaks from File
ACHEMA 2015 - A Review
01/2015 The Configuration of the PSS 2D Transfer Valve with WinGPC ChromPilot
  • Flowrate as Individual Property for each Inject
  • Change of the WinGPC Operator during a running Sequence
WinGPC UniChrom 8.2 SP1
03/2014 The SECcurity µRID at Work
  • ChromPilot Logbooks -- Enhanced Clarity through Intelligent Filtering
  • Advanced System Suitability Test Report
International GPC/SEC Symposium 2014
02/2014 How to Transfer HPLC-Peaks into the Multi Area Analysis
  • Some Practical Examples for the Use of Timetables in WinGPC
  • Determination of Radius Distributions with WinGPC UniChrom
WinGPC UniChrom 8.2 released
01/2014 Universal Calibration - Why it needs Special Care
  • Standard calibration with Polymer mixtures
  • Oligomer Separation - Assignment of Peaks
WinGPC UniChrom 8.2 valve switching
04/2013     WinGPC User Meeting 2013 -- Review and Outlook
03/2013 Digital Data Acquisition with WinGPC - Advantages and Requirements
  • Changing the Flowrate during a running Sequence - The optimum Way
  • WinGPC UniChrom Data Preview - Send Measurements directly to Overlay
GPC/SEC User Meeting (German), Mainz/D
02/2013 change the Project during a running Sequence - Sequence Commands
  • The WinGPC UniChrom Sample Wizard
  • Export of Spectra and Elugrams from 3D-Measurements
WinGPC UniChrom Server Version
01/2013 The WinGPC 3D Module – UV/VIS- and Fluorescense Online Spectra
  • ChromPilot – Partial Sequences
  • ChromPilot – Calculate Sample Concentrations with the Sequence Manager
WinGPC UniChrom 8.1 Wizards
04/2012 ChromPilot on the fly (Re-) Configuration
  • WinGPC Launch Dialogs - The whole Purpose
  • Detector Setup Dialog - Guided Method Setup for all Detectors
WinGPC UniChrom 8.1 Release!!
03/2012 ChromPilot Timetables - Control Module settings during a running Injection
  • The Instrument Information Box - More versatile than you might expect
  • ChromPilot Logs - Do you know what your System has been doing last Weekend?
European GPC/SEC User Meeting 2012
02/2012 Instrument Control with WinGPC ChromPilot - More than just Injects
  • Projectcontainer - Manage Project Paths with WinGPC UniChrom
  • Exporting Logins with WinGPC - Unity and UniChrom
Highlights ACHEMA 2012
01/2012 Quantification in WinGPC HPLC-Mode – Determination of Response Factors
  • Creating Calibration Tables – Save Time with WinGPC UniChrom
  • Quick Analysis of Extensive Sequences – The Fine Art
Highlights Analytica 2012
04/2011     Overview changes PSS WinGPC UniChrom ; ChromPilot supported detectors and instruments
03/2011 ChromPilot - New User Interface for System Control with WinGPC UniChrom
  • Searching and Finding Samples in WinGPC
  • Managing Projects with new WinGPC UniChrom
WinGPC UniChrom -- Simplify your Lab Life
02/2011 ReportDesignerplus and Sample Search – Statistical Evaluation of Measurements
  • Get along with ReportDesignerplus – Access and edit, quickly and selectively
  • WinGPC Results in Excel -- ReportDesignerplus Tables and Export Media
PSS WinGPC UniChrom
01/2011 Calculation of the Refractive Index Increment dn/dc with the WinGPC
  • Mass Fractions – Valuable Additional Information Derived from Mass Distribution
  • Integral of the Molar Mass Distribution – Cut your Sample into Slices
PSS NetConnect
04/2010 The WinGPC Light Scattering Window (Part 2) - Secondary Information
  • WinGPC Support -- There is always more than one way
  • Improving GPC result precision with WinGPC Unity
System Pilot 2 - The next generation
03/2010 The WinGPC Light Scattering Window (Part 1) - Concentration Methods
  • Online Viscometry - Optimizing the Inter Detector Delay with Narrow Standards
  • Viscosity Window - Which Information do I find where?
WinGPC 7.4 Service Release
02/2010 Performance Test - Validation of Detector Linearity
  • Functionality Check of the UDC810 – Verification with and without Testplug
  • Validating the WinGPC - Installation Verification and System Verification
Review: Analytica 2010
01/2010 Monitoring Instrument Performance with the Enhanced System Suitability Test
  • Preserve the Performance of your Columns using SystemPilot
  • Checking the Column Performance in Overlay Mode - Mismatch?
25 Years PSS, 25 Years of WinGPC
04/2009 Automatic Start and Warmup with the Instrument Scheduler
  • Calculating Uncertainty Values using ReportDesigner plus
  • Comprehensive Instrument Performance Tests: Checking Flow Precision and Injection Reproducibility
Review WinGPC Usermeeting 2009
03/2009 Optimizing the WinGPC User Interface
  • Optimized Evaluation with more attractive signals
  • Correction of detector delays
WinGPC Unity 7.4 - Accuracy and Precision
02/2009 How to Group Overlay Result Tables with ReportDesigner plus
  • Printing Sample Sequences
  • WinGPC Excel Export
Review ACHEMA 2009
01/2009 Effective Use of Resources with Flexible Data Acquisition Architecture
  • Saving Eluent with WinGPC
  • Optimizing Result Presentation with the WinGPC Unity ReportDesigner plus
03/2008 Absolute Molecular Weights without Light Scattering utilizing the WinGPC Heparin Module
  • Understanding the WinGPC Light Scattering Setup II
  • How can I optimize Calibration Curves using WinGPC?
Review of past PSS events: Participants Praise PSS Visco-LS Seminar
02/2008 Internal Standard and Flow Correction
  • Understanding the WinGPC Light Scattering Setup I
  • Printing Sample Lists in WinGPC Unity 7.3
PSS Training Courses – Which One is Best for Me?
01/2008 Computing in Overlay Mode
  • SystemPilot & ReportDesignerplus: Record the System State Perfectly
  • Signing Injects Electronically with the WinGPC Unity Compliance Pack
WinGPC SystemPilot: Expanding Functionality on EcoSEC GPC/SEC Systems
02/2007 Advanced statistics ReportDesigner plus
  • Print multiple injections with one click
  • Export WinGPC Data to Excel
Perspective: Usermeeting 2008
01/2007 WinGPC control for fraction collectors
  • Automatic calculation of averages from repeat injections
  • Manage overlays and select default colors
WinGPC Unity Service Release 1
02/2006 3 Step Installation of the Unity SystemPilot
  • Adding priority samples in WinGPC/ WinGPC with SystemPilot
  • Repeat Injection with Less Efford
New Pathways in GPC/SEC
01/2006 Traceability with the WinGPC sample audit Trail
  • Password protection for WinGPC without Compliance Pack
  • WinGPC language selection
WinGPC Unity Compliance Pack
03/2005 2D-valve setup
  • Enter sample comments
  • Software validation
Software design II: WinGPC 2D
02/2005 Light scattering setup
  • Detector information at one glance
  • System parameters for Wyatt detectors
Software design I: WinGPC Unity for light scattering
01/2005 Overlaid injection Unity
  • System test
  • Update to Unity
WinGPC 6 software ergonomics survey
02/2004 Quick analysis Unity
  • Data editor
  • Manage detectors
01/2004 Membrane characterization
  • Export HTML
  • Instrument information window
02/2003 Search samples
  • Individual calibration settings
  • Quick analysis WinGPC6
WinGPC application data base
04/2002 Instrument protection
  • Baseline
  • Calibration table
Usermeeting 2002
02/2002 Structure Determination
  • Multiple overlay
  • On-line viscometer validation
WinGPC Server
01/2002 Degradation studies 2
  • Overlay raw data
  • Substance file
Light scattering without limits
04/2001 Multi area evaluation
  • Change project
  • Repeat
03/2003 HPLC mod
  • Export graphic
  • Sample lists
  • System verification
02/2001 Auto calibration; auto recalibration
  • Calibration curve
  • Fast inject change
  • Signal enhancement; status bar
  • Sw/color print; universal calibration
01/2001 Automatic data evaluation   Customer survey 2000; WinGPC 6 improvements



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