Classroom Style Training

We have trained thousands of scientists all over the world in both the theoretical aspects of GPC/SEC/GFC, IPC and 2D and, more importantly, on the practical issues associated with generating accurate, precise and reproducible results for all macromolecules in a wide range of solvents and temperatures.

Classroom Style Training in Various Languages


Seminar P/N Program Location Next dates
GPC/SEC course  899-0022  program online Mainz, Germany 15.02. - 16.02.2022 (online)
GPC/SEC course    program Amherst, MA; USA 06/14/ - 06/15/2022
Viscometry/Light scattering/Triple
Hands-On Training
899-0025 program Mainz, Germany  
IPC - Interaction Polymer
899-0053 program Mainz, Germany 15.11. - 16.11.2022 (online)    2 x half day
IPC - Interaction Polymer
  program Amherst, MA; USA 03/08/ - 03/09/2022 (online) 2 x half day
GPC/SEC Column Usermeeting 899-0035      
WinGPC Usermeeting        
SECcurity(²) Training and GPC/SEC Troubleshooting 899-0041      
WinGPC Software Training  
Viscometry and light scattering 899-0031 program Mainz, Germany 16.05.2022 (online)
Basic Training 899-0029 program Mainz, Germany 17.05.2022 (online)
ChromPilot 899-0032 program Mainz, Germany 18.05.2022 (online)
ReportDesigner 899-0030 program Mainz, Germany 19.05.2022 (online)
Compliance Pack 899-0033 program Mainz, Germany 20.05.2022 (online)

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Schwerpunkt P/N Pogramm Veranstaltungsort Nächste Termine
GPC/SEC Theorie und Praxis 899-0001


Mainz, Germany

11.05. - 13.05.2022

05.10. - 07.10.2022

Hands-on Training
899-0026   Mainz, Germany  
von Polymeren
899-0049 Programm Mainz, Germany 23.11.2022 online
Usermeeting: GPC/SEC Säulen 899-0035 Programm Mainz, Germany 07.07.2022
Usermeeting: WinGPC (kostenlos)     Programm Mainz, Germany 29.09.2022
SECcurity(²) Gerätetraining und
GPC/SEC Troubleshooting
899-0041 Programm Mainz, Germany 29.11.2022
WinGPC Softwarekurse  
Molmassensensitive Detektion 899-0018 Programm Mainz, Germany 19.09.2022 online
WinGPC Grundlagen 899-0016 Programm Mainz, Germany 20.09.2022 online
ChromPilot 899-0019 Programm Mainz, Germany 21.09.2022 online
ReportDesigner 899-0017 Programm Mainz, Germany 22.09.2022 online
Compliance Pack 899-0020 Programm Mainz, Germany 23.09.2022 online

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Training in Dutch Language

Seminar P/N Program Location Next dates
GPC/SEC course in Dutch Language   program Geleen, The Netherlands 29.06.-01.07.2022

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