GPC Training Course

14.06. - 15.06.2022

2 day training course hosted by PSS USA. It provides lectures on the theory and practice of modern GPC/SEC together with a “hands on” session. In addition, an overview on current developments in the areas of multi-detection (light scattering, viscometry and other techniques); hyphenation techniques (GPC-NMR and GPC-MS) as well as 2D chromatography will be presented.

Day 1

  • Theoretical background polymer synthesis
  • Theoretical background on GPC/SEC – HPLC
  • GPC/SEC separation mechanism­
  • Sample preparation
  • Retention, plate count, resolution, efficiency
  • Molar mass distribution; averages, moments, meaning
  • GPC/SEC instruments and systems
  • Column selection and method optimization
  • Increasing accuracy and reproducibility
  • Influence of analytical conditions
  • Data acquisition
  • Data interpretation

Day 2

  • GPC calibration methods (1)
    • Calibration with narrow MW standards
    • Universal Calibration
    • Broad Calibration
    • Integral calibration
  • GPC calibration methods (2)
    • Copolymer calibration options
    • MW determination with viscometer and/or light scattering
  • Chromatographic coupling for complex polymer analysis
    • Copolymer analysis with dual detection
    • Identification with GPC-FTIR/UV/MS/NMR
    • 2-D GPC; hyphenation of HPLC with GPC

  PSS USA Inc., 160 Old Farm Road, Amherst, MA 01002
Background and practice session

  • Two days of instruction on a variety of technical and theoretical topics
  • GPC demonstration as well as Q&A
  • Course slides will be available on a USB stick
  • Course fee includes coffee breaks and lunch

Training course Fee: $2,495

Date: 14.06. - 15.06.2022


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