IPC - Interaction Polymer Chromatography (2x4 hours)

07.11. - 08.11.2023

Course Aim

The macroscopic properties of modern high-performance polymers can not be assessed by the molar mass distribution alone. Many products are copolymers, which, in addition to the molar mass distribution, also comprise a composition distribution. Furthermore, branching and end groups are often introduced in order to create high quality products.

Chemists are facing the challenge of selecting the appropriate characterization techniques for such complex polymer mixtures. With separation only based on the molecular size, it is impossible to obtain the required detailed information about the sample composition, even if high-cost advanced detection techniques are applied. Separation techniques based on composition complement and add value to the existing method tool set.

This course is aimed at all scientists who are looking for complementary characterization methods and want to learn more about the composition of complex polymer systems. It provides the theoretical background for different interaction chromatography methods for polymers and presents the achievable information based on the applied technique.

Practical information on column, solvent and detection selection is given. A compact overview of the coupling of interaction chromatography and GPC/SEC to 2-dimensional chromatography rounds off the event.



Course Times
7:50 CET (Central Europe Time) - 12:00 CET (=6:50 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) - 11:00 GMT)


Date: 07.11. - 08.11.2023
Price: 1040.00€ + MWst


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