Tailored on-site taining at a customer's facility

PSS provides completely customized trainings at a client's site.

  • 1 day on-site training (up to 4 persons): P/N 899-0005
  • 2 day on-site training (up to 4 persons): P/N 899-0006
  • 1 day on-site training (5-9 persons): P/N 899-0014
  • 2 day on-site training (5-9 persons): P/N 899-0044

Develop the training program together with your PSS advisor based on the experience and requirements of your laboratory.

Potential topics

  • key concepts in polymer synthesis 
  • liquid chromatography techniques:
    • GPC/SEC
    • Polymer-HPLC/IPC
    • 2D Chromatpgraphy
  • fundamentals of GPC/SEC, separation mechanism, objectives 
  • experimental set-up and parameters
  • detection options,
    • GPC/SEC light scattering
    • GPC/SEC viscometry
    • Triple detection 
  • modern GPC/SEC column trends, column selection 
  • best practice in GPC/SEC method development
  • instrument qualification
  • calibration methods
  • how to be more successful and productive in GPC/SEC
  • novel approaches in copolymer analysis, multidetection and coupling with hyphenated techniques 
  • how to use PSS WinGPC software
  • tips&tricks for WinGPC software
  • tips&tricks for applications

Training languages
English, German, French, Dutch


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