Virtual Classroom Style

PSS offers several classroom style trainings also as virtual trainings. 

These courses are conducted live using an online training tool. The number of seats is restricted to the number of seats of the corresponding classroom style training to ensure highest training quality.

Attendees require a PC/laptop with internet access and audio functionality; a headset is recommended. Prior to the training attendees will receive training documents and a personalized link to access the live event. A moderator and lecturer are available for each lecture.

Practical sessions are carried out with a camera and screen sharing in smaller groups.

For software training courses, participants receive an additional registration link to access their own WinGPC installation with training data.

Next training:
GPC/SEC Theory and Practice: February 15/16 2022
progam online course

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Required to attend lectures & practical sessions GPC/SEC/GFC, IPC and customized trainings
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Required to attend WinGPC Software Training - Access to preinstalled WinGPC with data for practical sessions
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Web Based Training - Customized

Develop the computer based training program together with your PSS advisor based on the experience and requirements of your laboratory.

Potential topics

  • key concepts in polymer synthesis 
  • liquid chromatography techniques (GPC/SEC/GFC, Polymer-HPLC/IPC, 2D Chromatpgraphy)
  • fundamentals of GPC/SEC, separation mechanism, objectives 
  • experimental set-up and parameters
  • detection options (light scattering, viscometry, triple detection and more)
  • modern GPC/SEC column trends, column selection 
  • best practice in GPC/SEC method development
  • instrument qualification
  • calibration methods
  • how to be more successful and productive in GPC/SEC
  • novel approaches in copolymer analysis, multidetection and coupling with hyphenated techniques 
  • how to use PSS WinGPC software
  • tips&tricks for WinGPC software
  • tips&tricks for applications

Training languages
English, German, French, Dutch

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between other online courses and a PSS virtual training?
The PSS virtual trainings are exclusive live events. Attendees can ask questions and will thus influence the pace and the content depth. Quiz and comprehension questions help attendees and instructors and facilitate an interactive learning experience. Exchange of experiences with other participants is desired and encouraged.

Are the PSS virtual trainings recorded?
No, this is strictly prohibited. These trainings are only intended for the participants. In order to enable an exclusive exchange of experiences, PSS virtual classroom style trainings are deliberately kept as private as a classroom style training in a personal setting.


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