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Make full use of the capabilities of liquid chromatography of macromolecules, get the most out of your data and ensure that you have the best troubleshooting srategy.

PSS offers training courses in various countries and languages.

Overview trainings courses in english language

Overview trainings courses in german language

Classroom style training courses

Classroom style training courses for GPC/SEC/GFC, IPC, WinGPC and more

Web based/online trainings

web based/online trainings for GPC/SEC/GFC, IPC, 2D-LC, WinGPC

Your advantages

  • Experienced instructors with a strong background in large molecule characterization
  • Proven didactic concept
  • Optional: with hands-on course practicals
  • Tailored to your needs with respect to content, time frame and number of attendees

Do you know the answers?

Sample concentration

What happens if the sample concentration is too high?

GPC/SEC with concentration detectors does not require accurately known concentrations. But what happens if the concentrations are too high?

  1. Nothing happens, I still get correct molar masses.
  2. The peaks are shifted to higher elution volumes and I get lower molar masses.
  3. The peaks are shifted to lower elution volumes and I get higher molar masses.

Peak shoulders

Why is there a shoulder in my peak?

Broad peaks, sometimes showing several maxima, are quite common in GPC/SEC. But what is the reason for the shoulder in this picture?

  1. Pore size mismatch.
  2. Exclusion, the stationary phase pores are too small.
  3. Aggregation, the chromatographic conditions should be optimized.


Is my sample strictly linear or is it branched?

Branching influences the macroscopic properties of materials. Which GPC/SEC detection option allows to measure short-chain branching of polyolefins?

  1. GPC/SEC with multi angle online light scattering detection.
  2. GPC/SEC with online viscometry detection.
  3. HT-GPC with IR detection (dual detection).


Corrects answers:

  • concentration: 2, more pronounced for higher molar masses
  • peak shoulders: 3, in this case aggregation caused the problem
  • branching: 3, you can use dual detection IR detection to learn more about branched polyolefins

Learn more about the technical terms and get background information to the right answers e.g. in our 2day "GPC/SEC Theory and Practice" course.

How to find the best training course for my needs


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